Armand Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Good thing comes to those who wait..." BUT "The early bird catches the early worm..."

Ok ok. Enough of the expressions. Down to business. Now we all know that Ironman 2 is around the corner and Hot Toys is busy churning out figures for the movie. So far we've seen War Machine, Whiplash and the Mark IV. So that's 3 figures so far. SO FAR. But as always we collectors can expect more products from a certain franchise if the merchandise license holder feels that the property will be a huge hit, why not milk it for what it's worth right?

So to my count, Hot Toys will be producing at least 4 more figures (plus 4 more maybes) for the Ironman 2 series. Question is, which ones? I'm just speculating here but here's my short list of what we can expect from Hot Toys:

  1. Mark V (The suit that resembles an unfinished Silver Centurion suit)
  2. Mark VI(The updated Silver Centurion suit but without the silver)
  3. Those War Machine knockoffs (Justin Hammer's mass producing those in a Proton factory somewhere)
  4. Probably a variant of one of the abovementioned suits including the ones that have been announced
  5. A variant of the Mark II (It did make an appearance in the movie)
  6. Maybe even Tony Stark in his racing outfit (wouldn't be suprised if they did)
  7. Samuel L Jackson as S.H.I.E.L.D numero uno Nick Fury
  8. Scarlett Johansson as Natalia Romanova a.k.a The Black Widow

Having said that, collectors everywhere will start to ask the question "Should I buy now or should I wait for another version of the same model?" (See how my opening line makes sense now?). As for me, its pretty simple. I'm just going to get the first one of each. War Machines's a no brainer seeing that this is his first outing we won't be seeing a variant version anytime soon. I might even consider picking up Nick Fury. But other than that whatever variants Hot Toys might cook up after I think I'll pass.

How about you guys? Buy now or wait?

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