Armand Monday, May 10, 2010
Well well well. One of my predictions came true. Hot Toys is producing Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

I would just like to say that this figure is just blergh. I know what most of you might say that this is just the prototype that yeah it might come out different once the design has been finalized but man this is one uggo figure. At first glance you can't even tell if its Scarlett or Angelina Jolie. If you go closer you might find some sort of resemblance to Scarlett but as Randy Jackson would say "sorry but I just ain't feeling it dawg". And I'm not loving the open mouth thing she's got going on.

This will be an easy pass for me. Thanks Hot Toys but no thanks. Now let's see what other of my predictions will come true, hehe!
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God of Thunder

Armand Sunday, May 2, 2010
Oh My Odin! Thor!!! Nuff' said
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The Losers


A lot of smaller scale comic book titles are mushrooming out into the silver screen some good and some bad. Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World just to name a few. The Losers is based on the DC Vertigo comic book series of the same title.

I'm always wary of films like these but I would always go in the cinema with an open mind. So I went to catch the movie last weekend and boy I wasn't disappointed! It's actually a decent movie. I'm not talking about Oscar nomination or things like that but The Losers was entertaining and that's exactly what movies should be; entertaining.

I know a lot of hates out there are complaining about us dissing Transformers 2 being a big pile of manure but that was exactly it. I'm not expecting a good script, nor Academy award performances. I just wanted to see big giant robots kick the living crap out of each other but all I got most of the movie was a whiny kid with his dumb girlfriend and 2 questionably stereotypically racist robots.

Anyway back to The Losers. It's a good all round movie. Its got comedy, good action sequence, and one steamy sex scene. All the ingredients you need to make a decent movie. Think Ocean's 11 meets Snatch meets the A-Team and you got yourselves The Losers. I know some might say its been done before and there's nothing new or innovative about the movie. It just follows the exact same formula as any action movie. The protagonist will always be an ex of some kind (CIA, FBI, Spec Ops, Marines etc), go and save the world literally single handed and they get the girl in the end. Same old same old. But if its not broken why fix it innit?

The Losers is one solid movie and I believe is going to be one of those sleeper hits of 2010. Seriously go and watch!

Pop Culture Junkie's Must-Watch-O-Meter : 7.5 over 10
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