Monthly Purchases

Armand Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October is ending and so is my patience with my Hot Toys TDK Batman. I've been saving my cash to get the figure for almost a month now and still no sign of it. My store told me his shipment was running late hence the delay. So since I don't think I'll be getting Batman anytime soon, I decided to give in to my evils and purchase the Movie Realization Batman and Batpod from Bandai sooner that I had expected to get it.

I was planning to get the Batman and Batpod next month since I was saving up for Hot Toys TDK. Coincidentally General Kenobi from Sideshow which I had preordered had also arrived so got my hands on that too. I also went to pick up my comics, though a lot of my titles weren't in yet due to late shipment from the distributor. What's up with all this late deliveries anyway!? Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to next month. Hot Toys Ironman!

P.S: I'll post the pictures of the Batpod and General Kenobi later

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I am Mandalore


Jango Fett from Medicom was the second 1:6 model I purchased with my hard earned money, and was also my first figure from Medicom. I was initially eyeing Boba Fett but the figure was out of stock so I bought Father Jango first and hoped to get my hands on Baby Fett later.

The figure looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Good paint job and the head sculpt is far better than Luke Skywalker(the head sculpt was pale and lifeless). I love the detailing and materials Medicom uses for its figures but due to the hefty price this figure carries it's really hard not to veer away from Medicom, since Sideshow's Star Wars line is pretty decent although not quite in the same league as Medicom though Sideshow is picking up the pace with the introduction of its new Prometheus body.


Disclaimer: Pictures may not be suitable for the faint-hearted. Viewer discretion is adviced.

Oh the pain! The sorrow! One of Jango's legs got decapitated during the shoot. I was posing him for a deep stance when it happened. As I picked him up to do another pose I noticed the left leg was dangling. Assuming the joint got dislocated from the socket I tried to put it back into place. After a few tries with no success, I decided to strip Fett. To my horror the joints had broke and there was no way of me putting it back together again. Looks like I have to go and get myself a Medicom body and do a little D.I.Y.

BTW, I didn't know Jango wore a white girdle underneath his outfit. Weird...

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Old School Flava : ToyBiz Batmobile

Armand Monday, October 13, 2008

Toys were always a big part of my life. Ever since I was a wee lad I was buying toys. I would pester my parents to get me this and that. Trips to the mall and TRU were pure bliss. I was so into my toys that I would just wander on my own and eventually get separated from my parents. God bless the guy who invented the information counter. You have no idea how many times I went crying to the information counter asking them to page for my parents.

I am pretty thankful that I knew how to appreciate toys at an early age and kept them safe. Some of them survived, but some of them my mom gave away. I'd like to share the ones that survived, so I'm dedicating a segment for them which I'd like to call "Old School Flava".

ToyBiz Batman Batmobile

ToyBiz had acquired the license to produce toys for the 1989 Batman movie. Batman, Joker and Bob (Joker's sidekick) were the 3 action figures with Batmobile, Batwing, Batcycle, Batcave, Joker Van and Joker cycle. I managed to snag the Batman figure as well as the Batmobile but couldn't get my hands on the Batwing.

The Batmobile is one slick car. I just loved Burton's rendition of the Batmobile. IMHO, Burton's Batmobile is the best Batmobile ever. Everything about the car is cool. The whole look of the car just screams cool. Sleek and curvy. And the cocoon shield thingy? Daaayyyymmm!

Anyway the toy Batmobile is pretty screen accurate to its movie counterpart, except for the roof/cockpit. This one does not have a roof oddly enough. Probably due to the fact that it would make it much more easier to get the figures in and out of the car. Oh and instead of machine guns, this one shoots yellow rockets. Go figure.

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Guitar Hero Junkie

Armand Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the guitar gods bestowed upon me."Bringeth thy tasty licks onto thee, and thou shall bringeth thine brewskies and bong!" So I shall for it is the will of the guitar gods.

I am just so hooked on this game. Back when Guitar Hero first came out in 2005, I wasn't the least bit keen on buying the game even tho everyone was raving about it. To me it was just another rhythmic game like Dance Dance Revolution or that Taiko Drum game. Oh how wrong I was. My uncle had the game for his XBOX 360 so I figured what the heck I might as well try it since its there anyway. Next thing you know I was hooked! I bought the game straight and started jamming away at home. I am officially addicted to the game. I've been playing with it basically everyday. It's such a joy to play, getting your licks down, and your solo spot on. So addicted was I that I decided to get me the guitar controller. Impulsive indeed. Heh!

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