Armand Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10th December 2010 was my 29th birthday (please no one remind me how old I am thank you very much). I know it's very cliche to say that one has the best parents in the world cos I think every child would say the same thing about their parents but heck I have the best parents in the world! Usually I could guess what they would get for me but this year they really blindsided me with this gift. I had no idea they'd get me an iPad :)!

Prior to the official launch of the iPad here in Malaysia, a lot of people were already carrying these around including my uncle. He's one of those "I'll buy the latest gadget in the market just cos" type. So he would lug around his iPad here and there and as all shiny new toy everyone wanted to play with it. Me being the "sensible" person that I am, I did not see the need to own one. "It's just a big iPhone" I keep telling my uncle. Even so there were a lot of limitations with the iPad. No built in camera, you can't technically make phone calls on it, multitasking on the thing is non existent, and the biggest boo boo it does not support Flash.

But when I got this for my birthday, I was both ecstatic and dumbfounded at the same time. First thing that came to my head was "What am I suppose to do with this?"Being a skeptic all these while, I had a bias opinion on the iPad.

But after fiddling with it and downloading numerous apps for the iPad, I can now safely say that I'm an iPad lover. There's a whole lot of interesting apps that takes advantage of the multitouch capabilities of the iPad. One "genre" in particular would be the music apps. I've been downloading a lot of music apps and turning my apartment into a club and me headlining as the resident deejay. ReBirth, Akai SynthStation and Groove Maker just to name a few. I'm having a blast playing with the iPad.

The iPad is one of those "nice to have" toys of 2010. if you have 2K to splurge and want something cool I would highly recommend getting the iPad 64g.

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First Look : Thor Teaser Movie Poster

Armand Friday, December 10, 2010
6 months to go. God of Thunder. I pray to Odin the movie will turn out good...

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First Look: Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon Teaser Trailer

Armand Thursday, December 9, 2010

And so it begins. Doesn't look like much. I dunno how Bay's gonna spin the Transformers storyline. It looks like the Arc and the last robot kinda looks like Unicron. Your thoughts? Read on...