First Look: Green Lantern Teaser Trailer

Armand Friday, November 19, 2010

The first Green Lantern trailer is finally here! Now let's see if DC's got what it takes to beat down their closest rivals Marvel when it comes to movies :)

Ok so here's the breakdown. So after watching the trailer I'm beginning to doubt Ryan Reynolds' capabilities as a serious actor. I mean he was good in "Buried" and "Amityville Horror" but that's just the extend of it. Even when playing an iconic character like Hal Jordon, he still portrays that cocky cool lovable annoying guy. I mean its Hal Jordan, I don't remember him being that cocky. At this point (basing my judgment on the trailer) I think Ryan Reynold was a wrong choice for the role of Green Lantern. I foresee the movie to tank and/or get bad reviews. Don't get me wrong, it'll still be a box office hits in terms of sales but somehow it's just gonna be another Transformers 2.

The scriptwriters are also to be blamed if the movie tanks. With lines like "I'm gonna take this pants off and fly some planes" and " What now? We go look for trouble" sure sounds cheesy. I'm seriously foreseeing the movie to be just another action comic movie with humor laid down here and there. But yeah That's just me basing the movie from what I saw from the trailer. Either way I am kinda excited to see Green Lantern since he's the first from the Justice League since Superman, Batman and that ever so crappy Flash movie. Anybody else share my sentiments about the movie?
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