Armand Sunday, August 30, 2009
Ever heard the term "Milking the cow dry"? It's when you try to squeeze out every dollar and cents from a certain item or brand for all its worth. Seems to be a popular thing nowadays. George Lucas is one of those people who knows how to milk it. His Star Wars franchise spans throughout the entire pop culture. From toys to comics, video games to cartoon series and not to mention the endless merchandises. This has always been a common trait with businesses especially if the property is profitable. Hit the iron when its hot. So with all the milking that's going on around us we the consumers suffer.

I totally understand why companies do this. If there's a profit to be made then why not innit? Its up to us as consumers whether we would want to succumb to their offerings or just stray away. Most of us, me included find it hard to turn a cheek especially when they promise to offer newer and better things to an already existing product. But only if its worth it. Take the new Iphone for instance. I know a lot of Iphone users want to change to the new Iphone S solely because of the functionality and the superiority in comparison to the older Iphone. Its suppose to be a step up and not the other way around.

Like how Sony revealed its new PS3 slim. In my opinion the fatter PS3 is far greater than its slimmer cousin due to the fact that Sony took out some stuff like the USB ports, no media card reader and removed the "install other OS" capability just so it could make it slimmer (I actually have a point to all this so trust me on this one, hehe!)

Now comes to my beloved toy collection. Hot Toys has started this whole DX crap where the figures they produce for this line are suppose to be better than its previously released Movie Masterpiece counterpart. I mean im all for improvement and I wouldn't mind getting it as long as it promises more that its predecessor. Take the Joker for instance. Yes i've preordered him guilty as charge but i PO'ed Joker because its like getting 2 figures in 1. All I need is a nude body and i get 2. Joker in his police disguise + accessories and his classic purple get-up + accessories and a new head. So yeah I think its worth my money.

But what about Batsy over here? An extra head sculpt with interchangible mouth pieces and a sticky bomb gun? Is that it? You expect me to cough out my hard earned cash for that? Ill just wait for some dude to sell it on Ebay thankyouverymuch. The most it'll cost me would probably be around 100 plus maybe 200.

This is ridiculous, too much even. And surprise surprise Hot Toys will be releasing yet another version of Ironman. Battle damaged? Shit I could just give mine to my neighbour's cat and i'll instantly get a battle damaged Ironman. I know as long as there is demand, they will forever be supplying and continue to milk the cow for as long as it can make them money.

But that's my take on the matter. So guys and gals, please leave your comments or thoughts. I'd love to hear what the rest of you think on the matter.

*pictures courtesy of Hot Toys
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Shell Head

Armand Sunday, August 23, 2009
2008-2009 has been a very good year for Hot Toys. They've been raking up all the top movie licenses and have been producing excellent figures from each franchise they acquire. Ironman is no exception. When Hot Toys first announced they were picking up the rights to the Ironman movie, every collector was excited me included. Then when we caught a glimps of the first prototype figure we went gaga! Cantik gile!

So when the figure finally hit our shores everyone was just racing to their respected toy stores to go and pick it up. It was indeed as well crafted as how the pictures were. Detailed and intricate, this figure was a work of art. Hot Toys really hit the ball out of the park with this one!

The only downside of the figure was the paint. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about shabby paint job or blotchy paint. The coloration is just off. The hot rod red seemed more maroon than red and the yellow was dull and not the golden finish we saw in the movie. Pictures can be deceiving. So to compensate for that i decided to photoshop my Ironman and get the coloring just right. I love technology, hehe!

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Tidy Whiteys

Armand Monday, August 17, 2009
Ive always liked a nice clean crisp pair of white shoes. Something about the whole gleaming white that always gets to me. Nike's Air Force One are the epitome of "fresh whites". I've always wanted to own a pair, but something about the soles just kinda puts me off a bit. Not forgetting the hefty price tag it carries. Nike had a few decent ones here and there but never really got my attention until this one came along. The Nike Franchise 2.

As soon as I walked into the store, this pair was just beaming. The white combined with the LaCoste green was just a nice combination. Looking at the pair made me feel "Fresh and Clean". Hard thing about owning a pair of whites is maintaining it. I would have to wipe down the shoes after every wear just so it wont get dirty. But damn it's all worth it. Looking fresh son!

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Armand Monday, August 10, 2009
I wanna go but I can't. Damn my friggin' work! AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!
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Red Man

Armand Saturday, August 8, 2009
Big red monkey man over here is one of my favorite purchases of the year so far. Hot Toys has always bettered themselves with each new figure that they produce, and this is no exception. When it was first announced that Hot Toys was picking up this license I was a big iffy whether I should get it or not but soon after when they released pictures of the figure i immediately placed my preorder.

What else can I say about Hot Toys? I think everybody knows by now just how good they really are. I'm really digging the custom sleeves that they've been doing lately. I remember how they would just use shiny gloss cover with the picture of the character on pretty much all of their lines. I really don't have to tell you how well crafted this figure is. I think the pictures speak for itself.

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