In The Pipelines

Armand Sunday, April 26, 2009

So far this year has been a pretty slow year for my collection. Since January I've only picked up 6 1:6 figures, with 3 more on its way. Gone were the days of toy hauls and random purchases. I choose my items wisely now. I've got plans for next year and those plans require money so I'll be slowing down on my toy collection for a while. But that doesn't mean I'll be stopping my collection nosireybob! I'll just have to be a bit more picky and less prone to seductions by Sam, heh!

So here's the last 3 remaining preorders I have for the year. Hopefully nothing good comes my way or else there goes my plans! Waaaah!!!

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Armand Saturday, April 18, 2009
Venom. One of Spiderman's greatest foe. What makes Venom so dangerous is that the symbiote which "inhabits" Eddie Brock used to be with Peter Parker so his spider sense doesn't do jack squat when warning him of Venom's presence. So Venom could easily sneak up behind Spiderman and he wouldn't even know it.

Bought this piece together with Webhead early this year. I really liked this figure but not so much to make me splurge my hard earned cash on. So when XL was offloading the 2 for cheaps, I didn't hesitate to snag them. Bu to my disappointment, once I got the two side by side the flaws were pretty obvious. Venom is shorter and smaller than Spiderman. What The Fark? Medicom has scale issues. Really? Venom smaller? Really Medicom? *Sigh*

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Arachnid Man

Armand Sunday, April 12, 2009
Howdy boys and girls? Sorry I've been missing in action for so so long. Work has been keeping me away from blogging for far too long so here I am once again, back in the game. I still haven't gotten around to buying myself a new camera so I'll be borrowing my sister's one for the time being (her digital camera got stolen too so my parents and I bought her a new one for her birthday). So bear with me if the photos aren't as good as my previous ones.

I bought this figure a while back but had never gotten around to post the pictures (I took these before the break-in). The only complain I have about the 2 figures (the low price made up for the lack in accessories so I won't complain on that) is that the scaling is waaaaaay off! Spidey is taller than Venom by at least a quarter of an inch. Come on Medicom. You expect us to pay designer prices for these? Clean up your act or don't bother doing any movie licenses. Stick to what you guys are good at; Monsters, Kamen Riders, Anime and Manga.

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