A Snapshot in Time: The Amazing Spiderman

Armand Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 is a good year for superheroes; especially in the movie department. This year alone we're getting 5 movies with Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance kicking off the year followed by the highly anticipated The Avengers. Both Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises will both hit theaters in July with Judge Dredd ending the list of superhero movies in September. I can honestly say of the 5, I'm most excited about The Avengers, with Batman coming a close second with Spiderman coming in at third.

So we've all had a taste of things to come via the newly released trailers and the more recent superbowl teasers and what have you. Like any self respected fanboy, one would scrutinize each and every frame of the trailer, quenching our thirst if only for a short period of time before the movie hits theaters. So far I've done only The Avengers and Spiderman. I've yet to sit through Batman. I went one step further by actually taking snapshots from the trailer so I can share my joy with my fellow fanboys in this segment I like to call "A Snaphot in Time"

I'm kicking this segment off with The Amazing Spiderman :)

Here's a close up of Spiderman's web shooter. I thought it would have some form of cartridge much like the comic book version but apparently from what can be seen here it's just this little wristwatch sized shooter. From what I can gather by watching the trailer, Peter somehow manages to develop a new sticky composite which you can see him experimenting on below.

Here you see Peter actually experimenting, developing the new composite by mixing two components. As soon as the thing in his hand makes contact with the shooter, it immediately spits out the webbing. In one scene from the trailer, you can see Peter wandering into a room filled with strands of webbing (where he eventually gets bitten) in one of OsCorp's lab. I'm guessing Peter's dad was actually trying to replicate a spider web and make it stronger for more practical uses. Peter might have stumbled upon the formula from his dad's briefcase or something. Peter being a genius himself (which they demonstrated in a scene with Peter and Dr Connors; Peter completing a complicated equation) manages to replicate the process and tadaa! Webshooters!

I'm liking the direction of them actually going back with webshooters just like in the comics. A while back I actually condemned the move, stating it looked ridiculously large for him and made him look like the 70's movie Spiderman. Looking at the pictures and actual footage now, I have to say I take back all the bad things I said.

From the picture above you can see the shooters actually emitting a red glow every time he uses it. The light could probably be the effect of the chemicals reacting. I don't know why they actually made the shooters light up. Looks a wee bit tacky but I think I can live with it. I can see the Spiderman action figures; light up wrist spiderman.

Spiderman's eye protectors are somewhat gold rather than the silvery / white we're used to seeing in the comics and the previous movies by Sam Raimi. Maybe the gold reflects light better and gives Spiderman a more dramatic look when filmed. Maybe. It also looks slightly smaller than the ones we saw before. No complains there.

Cicakman. People have been on the fence with the Lizard's overall look, some even going as far as saying that he looks like a scaled down version of Godzilla. I don't know why the studio didn't go for the classic Lizard look with an elongate snout but rather a Killer Croc looking lizard? Oh well...

Can someone please explain to me why the Lizard is carrying a sling bag? It's a sling bag. Trust me. Really it is! I ain't making this shit up. Don't believe me? Go back and watch the trailer and pause/play when this scene comes up. Told ya...

Spiderman and the Lizard's final epic battle. From here you can get a rough idea of the Lizard's physique and anatomy. You can see why people are calling him Godzilla. Just look at those hind legs! Check out the tail too. Ginormous. I wonder if it falls off when threatened?

So there you go guys and gals. After watching the trailer a few times I must admit I'm pretty sold on the movie. But I have been disappointed before (Yes I'm referring to you Green Lantern). So here's hoping that the movie kicks ass.

I'd love to hear any comments you might have regarding the movie. Until May fanboys! Excelsior!

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