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Armand Saturday, April 18, 2009
Venom. One of Spiderman's greatest foe. What makes Venom so dangerous is that the symbiote which "inhabits" Eddie Brock used to be with Peter Parker so his spider sense doesn't do jack squat when warning him of Venom's presence. So Venom could easily sneak up behind Spiderman and he wouldn't even know it.

Bought this piece together with Webhead early this year. I really liked this figure but not so much to make me splurge my hard earned cash on. So when XL was offloading the 2 for cheaps, I didn't hesitate to snag them. Bu to my disappointment, once I got the two side by side the flaws were pretty obvious. Venom is shorter and smaller than Spiderman. What The Fark? Medicom has scale issues. Really? Venom smaller? Really Medicom? *Sigh*