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Suit Shopping

Armand Monday, May 4, 2009

I went down to collect my 1:6 suits from XL on Saturday. The "Tony Stark" Hot Toys suit and Toymaster 3 piece suits came in on Wednesday. I don't really have any nude figures at the moment, waiting for the new TT's to arrive so I can't really show you the suits in action.

The Hot Toys suit looks pretty good, seeing as how they've done a few figures with suits on they've manage to pull this one off really well. The only thing about the set that I didn't like was the shoes.

Toymaster's 3 piece suit looks good too. I picked up both the black suit (tie) and the brown suit (bow tie). Tho the material isn't as good as Hot Toys', it's still a pretty decent looking suit. I can't wait go get my hands on the new TTs so I can test the suits out. Until then, this will have to do.

p.s sorry for the poor quality pictures.


Razmanshah said...

ko angkat suit tony stark skali kan bro?? mmg superb I tell ya. Tailoring die perfect!!

Armand said...

Oh yeah man! Aku macam nak angkat lagi satu je buat stock! But satu je slack the shoes tak kilat, macam flat

rockaholic said...

shoes tu kasi polish laa bro.. btw, nice haul.. :)