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Red Man

Armand Saturday, August 8, 2009
Big red monkey man over here is one of my favorite purchases of the year so far. Hot Toys has always bettered themselves with each new figure that they produce, and this is no exception. When it was first announced that Hot Toys was picking up this license I was a big iffy whether I should get it or not but soon after when they released pictures of the figure i immediately placed my preorder.

What else can I say about Hot Toys? I think everybody knows by now just how good they really are. I'm really digging the custom sleeves that they've been doing lately. I remember how they would just use shiny gloss cover with the picture of the character on pretty much all of their lines. I really don't have to tell you how well crafted this figure is. I think the pictures speak for itself.


The Rebel said...

One 'hell'uva figure!!! I am too currently weighing me' options whether to get this figure or not.....still available at one of the toy store, at a reasonable price! damn it...tempting.... :p

How do u find the rubber body issue bro? Won't it decay over the next 5 years? Same prob we're gonna face with TDK's body suit I reckon?

Btw, what's that dot behind Red's right shoulder? Is that a joint-peg or somethin?

Armand said...

Get it if you're a fan. Even if you're not get it anyway, hahaha!

The rubber suit is kinda restrictive in terms of movement but I was posing the bad boy like it was nobody's business! I think i kinda went against Hot Toys instructions on how to handle the suit!

The decaying part well there's nothing you can do to stop that. But you can delay the effects by keeping the figure away from direct sunlight. Good ventilation and normal room temperature also helps.

As for the thingy on his back, I think it's partly due to the mold holding the suit kot. Kot la...

desmond said...

Congrats bro!! you finally have it in your collection. As usual, nice pictures taken :P

Armand said...

Thanks Des! Had this dude a while back but only recently had the time to take photos. :)!

Shaun said...

great pix as always, especially the ones with the dark background.

Armand said...

Thanks Shaun! I just need to get a new flash gun and it'll make my life easier because currently I have to snap my photos downstairs where there's ample lighting.