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Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever Japan can....

Armand Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was utterly speechless when I first saw this picture of Spiderman in his latest gear from the new Spiderman movie. The first official picture of the costume from Sony looked kick ass but after seeing this I am indeed not looking forward to seeing this on the big screen.

I mean really?! This costume reminds me of that cheesy Spiderman series from Japan back in the 80's. The eye patch are similar and heck they even have the same arm bracelet thingamajig which is a sad excuse for a web shooter.

Seriously, somebody from Marvel's getting paid a heap of money to even let Sony get away with this monstrosity. Gahhh!!

The itsy bitsy Spiderman climbed up the water spout. Down came Sony and washed the Spiderman out...

Ugly ass fuck sad excuse for a costume. Is he wearing Air Jordons? No wait, Nike Airs?

Cheesy Spiderman series from Japan. Spiderman knows karate. He also has a cool bike and a gigantic spaceship that transforms into a robot. Take that Spiderman USA!

Even cheeser opening theme from Spiderman series from Japan. Can you spot the similarities?


Joshua said...

agreed first i was still hesistating on the new spidey suit, sitting on the fence between ''oh man i miss the old'' and perhaps the new isn't so bad.....but seeing that picture of the full suit under the light just BLEW IT.

boy, the suit sure as hell looks bloody gay.

where did you source the pic from anyway? can't seem to find more of it online. was comparing the official pic and that horror pic hoping it wasn't real...but well, it is i guess. and boy, spidey sure looks shiny, terribly miscolored and the suit/boots just don't work under the light.

Armand said...

Yeah Joshua me too. I was still on the fence with the new costume but after seeing these I'm not looking forward to seeing the movie.

But hey I've been wrong before so here's to being a bit optimistic :)

You can check out the pics from MTV's site. You can get the link below...

jingwei said...

What la. Stunt costume. Chill bro. GOtta see it with colour correction and all that jazz. Have faith motherfucker.