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Hot Toys Captain America

Armand Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The figure looks good. But too bad they didn't include an unmasked Chris Evans head. And is it just me or is the shield a wee bit small? Anyway I'm definitely getting my hands on this one. How about you guys?


The Rebel said...

This must be how he looked like during the 40s heyday? Would they ever give us a 'modern' Cap figure? The Thompson gun is a nice touch!

desmond said...

Though I am not a Marvel fan, I am getting this..

Armand said...

Yeap this costume is his post-crest shield wielding costume based on the movie. I'm guessing Hot Toys might also produce the army based costume before he dons this one.

As for the modern costume, Whedon announced that there will be a modern version of the suit for the Avengers movie. So I'm not too sure if Hot Toys would be producing that for the upcoming line.

Are you getting it?

Armand said...

Hahahahaha! You are truly a collector Mr Desmond :)