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It's good to be back

Armand Thursday, September 15, 2011
I just realized the last set of pictures I posted was way back in February. I haven't been taking a lot of pictures of my figures as how I used to last year. You know how it is, the same lame excuses; busy with work, no time, no space, no light, no this, no that.

Well hopefully now all that will change as I just finished settling down in my new pad. I've got more space now and I'm setting up the second room and turn it into "The Pop Culture Room".

I'll share pics of the new pad but right now here's some pictures I took of the Mark IV. More to come!


desmond said...

Definitely nice photos you have here..Look forward to see your toy room ;P

Armand said...

Thanks Des :) Well my room's nothing like your magnificent collection bro. just a bit of stuff here and there :)