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Good Cop. Bad Cop.

Armand Sunday, October 2, 2011
The late Heath Ledger gave us a stunning performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Who would ever thought pretty boy Heath could have given us one of his most stunning roles as an actor in a purple suit and make up.

The Joker spent most of his screen time donning his trademark purple suit with the exception of his cute nurse outfit, all the while having his make up on. But in one particular scene gave us a rare glimpse of Joker without make up. Man, even without makeup he still looks frigging scary!

So Hot Toys thought it would be an excellent idea to include this figure along with its DX Joker release. I must say a 2 for 1 is not a bad deal. All you need to do is get a Hot Toys TrueType body and dress the thing up and voala! 2 Joker figures for the price of one! I wish they would do more of these 2 for 1 figures. Especially the new DX Keaton Batman. They should include Keaton's head together, that way we can have 2 Bruce Waynes!

But on a more serious note, The Dark Knight would not be the movie that it is without the amazing Heath Ledger. So I here's to Heath, arguably the best Joker there ever was. Rest In Peace. Heath Ledger. 4 April 1979 – 22 January 2008


The Rebel said...

Nice pics. Did u use the 50mm prime lens btw Armand?

Armand said...

Sharp eye Zakri :) Yes I am using a 50mm