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Penang Run

Armand Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I went down to Penang on the 29th of August for a quick getaway right before the fasting month. I didn't do much touristy sightseeing as Bukit Bendera was closed due to renovations. I ended going toy hunting instead.

Penang doesn't really have a lot of toy stores like in KL but they do have some decent stuff there. Just in case you're down in Penang and want to look for toys, here are the 4 malls you can go check out.
  • Robot Master - Queensbay Mall
  • Small shop but carry some pretty decent 1:6 figures as well as Transformers and Bandai
  • Uncle's Toy Shop - Midlands Park Center
  • Wide range of items here, nice library of 1:6 figures as well as Marvel Legends figures
  • ToyZone - Island Plaza
  • Nice collection of figures, a mix of Hasbro licensed items and other items as well.

  • Toys'R'Us - Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall
  • Nuff' said...
If you're also interested in comics you can go and check out The Comic's Mart in Gurney Plaza. Mostly TPB's and hardcovers but there are some loose comics as well.

The Damage

The Goblin and Ironman were on sale so I thought what the heck. As for the New Avengers, that was an impulse buy on my part. All and all it was a good trip, quick getaways are always fun.


Shaun said...

thanks for the field report. Must be more than 20 years since I visited Penang.

roro said...