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Who watches the Watchmen?

Armand Wednesday, September 24, 2008
I'm pretty psyched out that the Watchmen movie is just around the corner. How can one not be? It's only like one of the greatest graphic novels every. Period. The only thing I'm worried at the moment is the legal battle between evil conglomerate 20th Century Fox and the good people at Warner Bros 20th Century is filing a lawsuit against Warner Bros over distribution and producing rights over the Watchmen movie. Apparently according to 20th Century Fox, between 1986 and 1990, they acquired all movie rights to the 12-issue DC Comics series.

Now here's the kicker. Watchmen was published under DC Comics and Warner Bros owns DC Comics (since 1969). So after they completed the movie all of a sudden those greedy S.O.B's over at 20th Century decide to sue Warner Bros.

"Hey, thats a nifty trailer of that whachamacallit graphic novel. Let's make some money out of it by suing Warner Bros over copyrights and when we finally win, we'll make more money by making it a PG-13 so that young kids can go watch a comic book movie they won't even understand and we'll ruin the movie by asking Brett Ratner to direct and get Hugh Fucking Jackman to be the masked dude with the trench coat. We kill off every character within the first 5 minutes of the movie and Hugh Jackman will save the day with his awesome acting skills."

You disgust me 20th Century Fox. You utterly disgust me . Anyway, bitching aside. DC Direct will be producing action figures from the movie and I am just so tempted to get my hands on them. I'm not really sure about articulations but from what I can see there seem to be some, maybe not Marvel Legends standard but it'll suffice I guess (don't even know why I care since I keep every one of my Marvel Legends collection MISB).

DC Direct 6' Watchmen Action Figures


The Comedian

Nite Owl


Dr. Manhattan

Silk Spectre

Original Nite Owl

Original Silk Spectre

DC Direct will also be producing 3 13 inch figures of Rorschach, Comedian and Dr. Manhattan. I dunno if I'd get these though since I don't really have any of DC Direct's Deluxe Collector Figure series. But who knows, I might be tempted to get them as well.

DC Direct 13' Deluxe Collector Figure



Dr. Manhattan

Tempting. Very tempting indeed. Luckily the movie won't be out till next year and most probably the figures will be out next year as well. I've got a lot of time to save up to get them nice shiny figures, muahahahahaha! As for the movie, I pray everything goes well with the legal battle. In the meantime, I'll just have to wait and hold my breathe till March.

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roro the comedian said...

Dude I just finished reading watchmen. now i wish i didn't read it.

i think the movie will be awesome (based on the trailer).

cant effing wait for 2009.

Armand said...

Eh why la you wish you didn't read it? Hehehe!

The storyline, the characters, the plot. Shites man! It's the bomb ya'all!!!

roro said...

coz I already know how the story will end. how in the blue hell that ***** is the villain? totally blind sided.

selamat hari raya!

Faisal said...

Kudos carnal for establishing an avenue for us pop-cultist to vent out ! I have to say The Watchmen (the graphic novel) really cuts through every genre of books (and comics alike) they have in the market. The Master of Weirdo (Alan Moore) and Dave Gibbons are truly geniuses and intellect in their own rights.
With promising eye-catching trailer and feedbacks by the comic guru's, I have high hopes for the movies...provided those capitalist pigs over at Fox(fuckxx) won't put their shallow-money-loving mind into it and turn it into a summer pop-corn flick!
Adoiii....tolonglah leave the movie as it is.
P/S: Dude, have more reviews on comics. I'll contribute...

Armand said...

Oye carnal! It's been a long time coming this blog. Don't worry, I'll put in comics as well and yes It would be great too if you'd want to contribute. Thanks again ese! Chale!