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ToyWiz Warehouse Sale!

Armand Thursday, December 25, 2008

Steven down at ToyWiz Amcorp Mall is having a warehouse clearance next week. Yours truly will be there bright and early to score some goodies for cheaps before the mob buys out everything. What a way to start the new year innit? Toys Toys Toys! So bring lots and lots of cash cos you wouldn't want to miss out on this!

PS : If you guys wanna meet up just gimme a buzz aight? See ya Saturday!


rebel_collector said...

Thanks Armand fr the notice. Hopefully this won't be another chaotic mess like the previous HASBRO toys warehouse sale....real madness that one! This is a definite stop for me on that Saturday!

Armand said...

No problem Rebel Collector. Hope to see you there my friend. Ill probably be there bright and early so if you see a dude standing in front of the place with the shutters still shut, thats probably me, hehehehehe!

Korndamned said...

yo man. we can hang around at mcdonalds for prosperity burger before the place is opened? how about that? email me if you're cool with that.

roro said...

yo I'm compiling the 2008 year end lists of my interwebs friends. feel free to submit your lists to my blog. It can be about anything, the world, your fave music, or even yourself. This is like a tag thing but not really. Thanks.