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Armand Sunday, January 11, 2009
Most of my 1:6 collection prior to this (and my SAD CIA Night Ops) consisted on Star Wars and Movielines. I was always fascinated by Hot Toys Military Line but never had the balls to buy one (due to commitments to other purchases). But since my mum wanted to get me a figure as my birthday gift, I couldn't resist the temptation of getting Hot Toys' Military Line.

The thing that I simply love about the Military Line was the number of accessories these figures would carry. They be packin' some serious gear! The detailing on the accessories are simply exquisite. The hardworking people at Hot Toys really go the distance to produce high quality collectibles.

The U.S Army Special Forces is no exception. This figure is everything you'd expect out of Hot Toys Military Line. Good head sculpt, detailed weapons and equipments, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at.

I really dig this figure, so much that I might want to get more of Hot Toys Military Line. There goes more of my hard earned money. Heh!


Little Plastic Man said...

I am actually more into WW2 military. I wonder why Hot Toys does not do WW2?? No market?

rebel_collector said...

Yeah, why won't Hot Toys produce WW2 figures eh?? They can start by doing various versions of the Infantry that landed on Normandy on D-DAy..... :D

desmond said...

LPM and Rebel Collector - I think DID is very good in producing WWII series and the costs are much cheaper than Hottoys. Further more, the accessories are well made as well. I quite like their products..

Armand said...

Well Adrian, technically Hot Toys does have a WW2 line but sadly they only produced one figure which was a German Wehmacht Officer. I have to agree with Desmond that DID does have a wide range of WW2 goodies.

Armand said...

That would be a superb idea Rebel! Just imagine having a diorama of the Battle of Normandy, nice!