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Sole Phreak!

Armand Sunday, July 26, 2009
Early this year I've been going on a shoe buying frenzy. I used to buy 2-3 pairs a year but this year alone (the past 5 months) I've already bought 12 pairs! And Its all thanks to my ex-colleague. This guy is a shoe freak. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes as much as the next guy but my friend here he takes the cake. He has to date, own 30 pairs of sneakers.

Every other day he would be on some shoe website looking thru all the latest sneakers. I was sitting beside him in the office so eventually i took up the same habit as well. Next thing you know we're swapping sneaker stories and sharing the latest kick pics.

The first pair I bought this year is the Nike Prestige II SL. I wasn't much of a Nike fan before this, having only owned a pair of their tennis shoes line. And I've always wanted to get a pair of Air Force One's but never had the moolah to splurge on them. So when I saw this on the shelves it was love at first sole. I didn't even hesitate to get them. It was like look, try and buy. I haven't stopped buying shoes since then.

So yeah now I am officially a sneaker freak. Like my comic and toy collection ain't enough now I'm collecting sneakers. I need to make more money...


cosmicbaby said...

Now lets see pictures of all those kool kicks!

Personally I found the design & colourways these days a bit sucky & have not getten myself any for awhile...
so I am stil waiting for the next big drop... maybe the "Swagger"

Armand said...

:) thanks Cosmic! I have to agree with the color schemes, not many tickles my fancy but this one got to me hehe! Swagger looks neat but sadly im not a hi top guy. Im more of a low cut dude.

Shaun said...

this colour way rocks. I recall seeing it a few weeks back at a sports store at a discounted price of S$80 - 100, IIRC.