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The Man

Armand Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ok now people don't get too excited just yet. This are just prelim designs for the Cap. As you can see they used Chris Evans' mug. I must say this is looking pretty sweet. Only thing I'm not feeling is the round condom head. Never really liked the Ultimate Captain America look. They seriously need to bring back the wings. It just ain't ol Winghead if he ain't got no wings on his head innit? But overall this is one cool looking first round! Stay tuned Marvel fans. Excelsior!


The Rebel said...

I kinda like the whole Ultimates shenanigan......cept for Ultimates 3 which was way inferior than the 1st two installments.

I agree with u though, he shd come with the's like his trademark look ain't it?

Armand said...

By the looks of things and the characters that the Marvel movies are banding up (Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Nick Fury) it kinda looks like they're leaning towards the Ultimate Avengers storyline innit?

And yeah, Cap does need his wings on his head. Its just not Captain America without his wings.