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Oh My Stars and Garters!

Armand Saturday, June 5, 2010

My last post I featured Captain America's early concept art for his costume and today I'm posting up Thor's early concept art. This is suppose to be an early concept art but by the looks of things this kinda looks like the costume worn by Chris Hemsworth in the earlier picture I posted a few weeks back. I was so excited to see Cap's earlier concept art, but looking at Thor's outfit I can't help but feel a little scared as to how the movie will turn out. The costume looks too hi tech for my taste. It doesn't really shout God of Thunder to me. It looks more like something Superman would wear, just slap the big S and you got the Man of Steel. It's just so far off from the new costume Thor's been sporting these days. Your thoughts?


Korndamned said...

Thor's costume is s***e. Heard that the winged-helmet will not make an appearance. Thor is going to be crap. Nordic Gods must come with their winged-helmets and old-skool cheesy costumes.

Armand said...

Tell me about it. It looks utter crap to me. The costume looks nothing like Thor.

Little Plastic Man said... looks bad...The God of Thunder don't wear like that! Too modern!