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First Look: X-Men First Class Trailer

Armand Friday, February 11, 2011

Trailer galore! Summer is just around the corner and so are the summer blockbuster movies. It's a busy year for Marvel having 3 films slated for summer releases; Thor, X-men First Class and Captain America. I've debuted the Thor trailer and recently the highly anticipated Captain America Super Bowl teaser trailer. Now 20th Century Fox has just released the first trailer for X-men First Class. I'm a bit iffy about the movie, having lost faith in the franchise when 20th Century Fox decided to screw up the 3rd one by hiring Bratt Ratner as director.

I'm pretty upset that they did not maintain Xavier's original class; Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Iceman. The only original student is Hank McCoy AKA the Beast. How is it X-men without the original class? Blasphemy! Curse you 20th Century Fox!

Anyway, have a watch see and tell me what you think in the comments. Are you excited?


Anonymous said...

Blasphemy indeed! FOX really F-ed the X franchise big time man - AZ

Armand said...

Hopefully the usage rights 20th Century Fox acquired for X-men will expire soon and the franchise can go back to the people who truly know the subject matter, Marvel!

The Rebel said...

What a joke of a trailer frm FOX! Give back the rights to the ppl who embrace the comics!!!

Korndamned said...

This is bad (bad in a bad way). The whole X-Men timeline is f-ed up. Bring back Bryan Singer. Anytime.

But Wolverine 2 having the dude that did Requeim For A Dream on board can only mean, this is going to be a really moody Logan.

Wolverine 2 will whip these bunch of young squirrels.

jingwei said...

Let's see.

Naked pixie in front of Charles and Erik.

Erik raising cold war submarines out of Cuban waters.

The Cuban Missile crisis backdrop.

Michael Fassbender force gripping communist scum.

I'm not precious about continuity. Show me a good story and that'll trump timelines, character rights, and whatever else it supposedly needs to be faithful to.

I'm quite happy to see this as a reboot.

In Vaughn we trust.

Armand said...

My sentiments exactly Rebel. I wonder how much say does Marvel even have when it comes to the decision making. How sad that the owners of the characters can't even voice out...

Armand said...

I sincerely hope so Korndamned. The last Wolverine movie was kinda abysmal. What we need is a champion from an X-titled movie.

The first X-men was well written and shot and yes I have to agree Bryan Singer did bring the movie to life.

Armand said...

I would have to agree with you Mr Jing Wei in terms of continuity. I would not be as particular as long as the new story is original and can indeed stand within a certain canon of the overall story arch.

But not when you're telling a story about certain characters and then suddenly change that character just to suit the situation. It's like doing a biopic of Muhammad Ali but the guy playing him in the movie is Chinese. You know what I mean?

jingwei said...

Have faith in Vaughn Mr Mand.