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Collector's Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur 2012 - Field Report

Armand Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last month I visited the first ever Collector's Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur held at the Kuala Lumpur Gallery Library. Since I'm not on Facebook, my friend was nice enough to inform me of the event seeing as my friend knows how much of a toy nut I am.

I wasn't expecting anything going to this as clearly it's stated in the title that this is a collector's fair and not a convention. I went there to show support to the local collectors scene. I mean we're nowhere near what our neighbours are doing but it's a start. I would not consider the more disastrous Malaysia International Toys Fair to be up there.

For a small event I was impressed with the whole set up. They did have some pretty cool activities like lightsaber duels and guest appearances by Vader's very own 501st Legion. They even had a gaming section where guests could play Rogue Squadron (one of the best Star Wars games in the past 10 years) and the not so cool Star Wars Kinect game.

Some vendors had rare toy collections on display (not for sale, mind you) like Visionaries, TMNT from Playmate, my personal favourite M.A.S.K, and Kenner's first series Star Wars figures. I was amazed that these figures were still mint in box. I tried my luck and see if they could part with some of the goodies but alas I failed. He called his display the "Display Sakit Hati" or the Envy Display just to rile up us fanboys.

Overall it was an okay event. But to be honest it does feel like just another day at Ampcorp Mall's flee market. Only difference is the venue. I did manage to snag a Kenner Boba Fett for RM30 so I went home a happy man :)


desmond said...

My favourite Kenner Toys "Centurions" and "M.A.S.K." were there..Drool!!

Armand said...

Hell yeah Des! M.A.S.K was my favourite cartoon growing up. Had a lot of the toys but sadly none of them survived.

Raylene Ventura said...

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