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Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong Sneak Peak

Armand Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The good people at ComicBookMovie shared some pictures from the Hot Toys booth. The pictures are from the upcoming Ani-Com & Games convention which will be held in Hong Kong soon.

I'm really digging RoboCop and ED 209. I was a big RoboCop fan growing up and I missed Hot Toys' first run at the figure. I'm glad to say that I have a second chance at owning the guy. The other figures like Professor X in First Class, Andrew Garfield's Spiderman and Wolverine are easy passes for me. Was never a big fan of Wolverine and worst still Hugh Jackman's protrayal of him. Don't get my wrong, he was okay in the role. I just thought Fox was really milking on him being the star of all 3 movies that I lost all interest in him. But that's just me.

Moving on to the next figure, Catwoman. This I'm a bit on the fence. It'll be a nice addition to my TDK collection. It's not like Black Widow where I kinda need her to complete my Avengers set. But we'll just have to wait and see. If wallet allows then I might get her.

And the figure that everyone's been talking about. The Incredible Hulk. After examining most of the pictures I managed to gather online, I'm starting to think that the figure's articulation is limited to only his arms and ankles. I do hope I'm wrong and this is just a preliminary figure for Hot Toys to show off and get people excited.

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desmond said...

Wolverine looks ugly..hope HT improves it. I will get all Avengers figures. Robocop and ED209 look good too. Skip First class X-MEN..

Armand said...

Or you could just use the Wolverine headsculpt from the X-Men Origins Wolverine Des :)

I'm definitely getting the RoboCop. Just hope it's not too expensive.

Joel said...

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