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Singapore Spree

Armand Friday, October 3, 2008

Went down to Singapore last week with my dad. Gave a heads up to Mr. Shaun about my visit to Singapore so he arranged a meet up at China Square Central. This was my second trip of the year, the first being the Toy and Comic Convention. Last time around I discovered China Square Central by chance and didn't really get to go to the other toy spots around Singapore. So this time around I came prepared. With the help of Shaun (posting a detailed map of toy haunts in Singapore), I listed down all the places I wanted to go, detailing the location down to the very MRT station and street names the stores were located.

I left the hotel around 11am, which initially I wanted to leave earlier but considering it was a Sunday, I assumed most stores weren't open yet. First stop of the day; Plaza Singapura. I read on the Simply Toys website that they opened a new outlet here so I wanted to check out the new store. To my disappointment the place was more for collectors and sellers to display and sell their collectibles. There were only a handful of items here. But to my surprise there was also a new toy store one shop away from Simply Toys. But alas the store was close. From the outside it looked like it was well stocked.

I then made my way to Waterloo, to visit the famous Falcon's Hangar. It was quite a walk down but thankfully Singapore is a pedestrian friendly city so I didn't really mind all the walking. Coincidently I bumped into Shaun at the Hangar. He was picking up his Toynami Voltron Lion Force Collector's Set. Shortly after we made out way to China Square Central for the famous "Sunday Toy Market", where we met up with Ted first. Met up with Desmond, Tim and Michelle shortly after.

I didn't waste time getting my hands on them goodies. First purchase was a pair of Revoltechs. I've always wanted to get one, but never came around to buying them (tight budget, there was always some other more important figures to get). But heck man! With prices like that I didn't even think twice!

Desmond help me score my second purchase of the day at a discount. A pair of Ironman figures which are not available/very very hard to find back home. Thanks dude!

Shaun, Ted, Desmond, Tim and Michelle left around 3 ish, but I decided to stay on. Needed to spend quality time with my toys, hahahahaha! Scored me a couple more items. 3rd purchase for the day was a pair of Henkei Takara Tomy Transformers Sunstreaker and Prowl.

Picked up a loose 1:6 figure for $25. I figured rather than buying the clothes and vest and pouches seperately plus the figure itself would probably cost more. I also bought a Hot Toys Modern Firearms M40 sniper rifle with silencer and a Desert Eagle 44.

My last purchase for the day was Benpresto's S.C.M Gundam 00 (seeing the one Ted bought made me want one too, heh!)

It was good to finally meet you all. Thanks Shaun for arranging the meet-up. Thank you all for your hospitality, you guys (and gal) really know how to make a guy feel welcome. If any of you are planning to come down to KL, I'd be more than happy to return the favor.

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Little Plastic Man said...

Pity I could only meet you guys for a short time at CSC. Was nice talking to you when I met you at CSC later on.

deSMOnd said...

Wah! nice picture taken..designer's style huh!!Haha!! If I go to KL, will give you a ring then. You email me your handy no to I give you mine too. Thanks bro!!

Armand said...

Good to finally meet you too Adrian. Yeah, luckily I stayed on and bumped into you. Good to see you scored your G.I. Joe's my friend! Hehehe!

Armand said...

Eh where got la Desmond! Hahahaha! Sure thing bro. I'd be more than happy to bring you around town going toy hunting. I'll email you my number aight? Take care Desmond!

Shaun said...

glad to know you had a great time, and added substantially to your toy score after we left. :)

Armand said...

I sure did Shaun, thanks again bro!

Korndamned said...

armand, can you email me at there's something that I would like to ask you regarding toys & kl. anyway, i was down in singapore over the raya period. never had time to check out the toy shops. was down in singapore for the ash's gig at fort canning. awesome!

Armand said...

Hello there korndamned. I've emailed you already so ask away, hehe!

Ash in Singapore? Really? Heck! How did I miss that? I'm not really an Ash fan but I loved "Girl from Mars"!!!

cosmicbaby said...

glad you found wat you wanted in CSC, & thanx for the link on your blog!

Armand said...

No problem cosmicbaby. Thanks!

Mizu said...

Holy crap. If I had know our feet were gonna be immortalised I'd have worn some nicer footwear, lol.

It was nice meeting you Armand! I pop by KL on occasion to visit relatives - maybe I can get you to point out the best spots to toy hunt too? :P

Armand said...

Hahahahaha! Should have given you a head's up first eh Mizu? :P