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The Dark Knight

Armand Monday, November 17, 2008
After almost 2 months of waiting and wondering, Hot Toys Batman Dark Knight is finally mine. Most of my collector buddies had already acquired theirs a while back so forgive me for being all excited about mine. No thanks to my pusher though. From now on I'll do all my preorders with XL Shop. Sam (of XL Shop) was kind enough to spare me one as he knew how much I wanted the figure. Thanks again Sam!

I passed the Original Costume version for this one since I already had the Batman Begins version from Takara Tomy (and also the fact that I was short on cash, heh!). Hot Toys' previous Batman figure was a bit off IMO compared to Takara Tomy's version but this time around Hot Toys got this one just right. The figure is well done and pretty movie accurate (to my naked eyes). It was smart of them to delay the release date to do the required corrections to the figure.

Pity they couldn't fix the beer belly problem. Its no biggie though, something I can live with. Just pose him with his chest outwards and he's good to go. Joshua mentioned to me that he read through a forum that the second wave would be beer belly free. I guess they were wrong. Beer belly is still intact. Probably some rival company trying to discredit Hot Toys seeing as they've been doing so well this past year or so.

The only thing that annoyed me about the figure is the cowl. It tends to fall off quite easily. They could have probably made the "clips" a tad bigger so it would fit snugly into those peg holes. But other than those minor problems, this is one pretty solid figure. Hot Toys seem to be on a role. The Ironman figure is gonna kick ass!

P.S : I know some of the poses seem really lame, thats cos I didn't want to risk tearing the suit or breaking anything by doing any weird stances on this one.


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Glad to see you finally got yours, Armand :)

Armand said...

Thanks Guru Alex! Took me long enough but I finally got it.

Mizu said...

Congrats Armand! I've got mine too, but he's still boxed, and looks like he has a bit of a beer gut, lol. :D

Joshua said...

nice pics you got there bro!

bat's first posing pic was funny. looks like he's at some para para disco or something!

good to hear u finally got ur bats =D

and my cape keeps falling off too.

Armand said...

Thanks Mizu! Well apparently Bruce Wayne has a drinking problem and Lucius Fox had to make adjustments to the new suit design to make way for the belly, heh!

Armand said...

Hahahahaha! Now that you've mentioned it, he does look like he's doing the boogie innit?

Thanks Joshua!