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Paper Magic

Armand Sunday, November 23, 2008
Last month Adrian had asked me if he could do a paper figure of The Pop Culture Junkie. I gave him my blessings and being the talented man that he is, after only a month he had made this 2D character come to "life" in full 3D galore. Without further ado I present to you Adrian's masterpiece; The Pop Culture Junkie!

I would just like to say that Adrian did an excellent job on this figure. He even went all the way to make a base for the figure which is an exact replica of my blog banner. This is pure craftmanship at its best. I am deeply honoured and humbled that Adrian made this figure based on The Pop Culture Junkie. Thank you again my man!

For more pictures of the Pop Culture Junkie figure and other cool paper figures from Adrian, visit his blog page here and here.


Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks for the plug bro! And the kind words!...Shy leh!

Armand said...

No problem Adrian, the least I can do compared to your masterpiece! And what I said is true bro, you've got super talent. You should come up with your own toy line or something, hehe!