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The Iron fist of capitalism

Armand Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Anybody getting the Ironman Mark 2? I just found out thru Sideshow Collectibles' website that they will be launching an exclusive version of this figure, with an extra standee of Ironman's chest plate. This extra goodie will not be included in the regular release from Hot Toys. SO the only way for you to get this exclusive figure is through Sideshow. WTF?

Full details haven't been released yet but from what I see from Sideshow's website it is only exclusive for purchases made through Sideshow. I went to check out Hot Toys' website to find out more but did not find anything explaining about this whole exclusive issue.

The only thing that will be shipped with the Hot Toys version would be the "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart" case. What's going on? Its not like Hot Toys to sell out to an American company like Sideshow just for a couple of extra bucks. I am infuriated that Hot Toys would do such a thing. 

I might be wrong. But please, If anybody knows more about this do share as I don't really want to jump to any conclusion just yet. 


Joshua said...

yeah its true....there's the extra stand and all which hot toys wont' be releasing..

the extra stand's for the orders placed from sideshow....i think its been this way for some time....figs get exclusive stands or extra items when preordered under exclusives at SS...

however its true its a first time HT did exclusive item for SS...though i do believe its the whole promotional thing to attract wide range of customers in western oountries...

Armand said...

But it's kinda unfair for us collectors on this side of the world innit? Well unless you go thru Simply Toys, which are the official distributors of Sideshow Collectibles in Asia.

desmond said...

Aiyo bro, do u think HT will take care of toy collectors? They produce toys to make money. Business is business and hobby is hobby. Different thing lah!!