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First Look: More Captain America set pictures

Armand Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Look what just surfaced on the world wide web. More set photos of the upcoming Captain America movie. We've been getting bits and pieces of photos here and there but as of now we fanboys have to make do with whatever comes our way since the movie's a year away. So far we've seen the suit (stuntman or no stuntman), what seems to be Hydra goons, and an odd looking oldsmobile that frankly kinda looks like what Batman would drive if he were to be around during the 40's.

I'm really hoping we'd get to see Chris Evans in the suit, cos ever since I saw the previous set pics of the stuntman in the suit, I've been losing faith in the movie. I dunno maybe it's just the fanboy in me screaming bloody murder at how the suit looks all flimsy and flabby. I mean I'm just saying, to marry the modern hi tech cat suit look with 40's garment materials and standard issue Army wear just looks a bit off. They should have just gone with one of the looks, either the Ultimate WWII Captain America or the modern Ultimate Captain America suit. The marriage of the two just isn't working out for me. But hey it's too early to tell so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've been wrong before so hopefully I'll be proven wrong again.

Here's hoping the movie doesn't suck balls. Excelsior!

Chris Evans as the iconic Steve Rogers

Ol' Stevie saving a dame from being hit by an automobile

They Hydraboat? Maybe they should call it Hydra Hydro

Pictures courtasy of SlashFilm


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

kinda like how thay make Chris Evans looks. it has the old Hollywood feel to it. can't wait for the movie and the toy by HT of course. hohoho

Armand said...

I dunno dude, Chris Evans still doesn't really shout Steve Rogers. But hey I'm being optimistic :).

Oh and hell yeah! I can't wait to see the prototype from Hot Toys...