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Movie Trailer: The Warrior's Way

Armand Monday, October 4, 2010

What's cooler than swords? Ninjas wielding swords that's what! I am such a sucker for movies with swords and ninjas and this one looks kick ass. I watched the teaser trailer a few months back and was sold just watching the teaser and this is the first full length trailer for the movie.

The movie was originally titled Laundry Warrior, is written and directed by first-time Korean filmmaker Sngmoo Lee, who is making his directing debut, with Weta Digital working on some of the visual effects.

The Warrior's Way stars Korean actor Dong-Kun Jang, American actors Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, and Geoffrey Rush. Dong-Kun Jang plays Yang, a skilled and legendary swordsman who's been trained by his master to be the greatest and strongest warrior in the lands. He went rogue when his master sent him to kill a new born baby, the last of a rival clan. He couldn't kill the baby but instead Yang flees Japan(I think) together with the baby and starts a new life in the wild wild west. As all movies with the same mold, no surprise what happens next. The master and his entire clan hunts him down and all hell breaks loose. The Warrior's Way share a very similar storyline as Ninja Assassin so if you've watched that you can kinda get the gist of the movie.

It mixes westerns, martial arts, and fantasy in a hyper-stylistic way, and looks pretty badass. Think 300, The Matrix, and Ninja Assassin all rolled into one movie. Can't wait to catch this. It hits theaters on 3rd December 2010.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Can't wait to see how Kate be the bad-ass. hohoho not it's not typical western fighting-esque

Armand said...

Western meets eastern. Cowboy meets ninja. :)