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First Look: Captain America

Armand Friday, October 29, 2010

Damn! Photos galore! Entertainment Weekly has just release official photos of the upcoming Captain America movie! And man lemme tell ya the photos don't disappoint!

I'm glad to see that they kept the Ultimate Avengers WWII Captain America outfit in the movie as well as his shield. The look kinda goes well with Chris Evans actually. So my guess is that they'll start off with Rogers getting enrolled into the Super Soldier program to combat the threat of the Nazis lead by Johann Schmidt. He goes to war, manages to do battle with Johann and somehow Johann got the worst in the battle and he presumably dies and the war ends. Or so they thought.

Everything's all fine and dandy until a new threat arises. Johann now becomes the Red Skull due to Johann sustaining serious injuries to his face during the epic battle between Ol Winghead and himself. Captain America is once again called upon to do battle with his old enemy. During one of their encounter Red Skull reveals that he is in fact Johann and somehow blames Cap for what happened to him.

Armed with a new shield and costume, they do battle once again, Cap kicks his ass, he loses, the end. But not before giving one last final 1 finger salute to Uncle Sam by releasing a missile aimed straight for the White House (maybe). Cap hops on the missile, tries to disarm it mid air, somehow manages to blow the shit up and plummet straight down to earth. Where does he swan dive down to earth you ask? Over the Arctic Ocean that's where. He falls, sinks down and gets frozen in an ice capsule. Credits start rolling and the movie ends.

Or does it? Typical Marvel movie style there will be an Easter Egg at the end. We see Nick Fury in a sub, when suddenly the radar starts bleeping like mad and the end line goes "Sir, we found him". Then you get a close up of Rogers frozen in ice.

But hey that's just my speculations on how the movie will go. I could be wrong, hehehe! But until the movie hits theaters summer 2011, we fanboys will have to wait and find out. Enjoy the pics. Excelsior!