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First Look: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Armand Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes that is the title of the 3rd installment of Michelangelo Bayonet's Transfuckers. I sincerely hope that what I read is a typo and I really hope that it's just a working title but I'll be a monkey's neighbor's babysitter if they actually stuck to that title. So far from what I've heard they've mellowed down on the story and are emphasizing more on big robots duking it out battle royale style. Which is exactly what I want! I can live with a so-so storyline with corny one liners but really who gives a crap? I'm paying to see big mother trucking robots beating the shit out of other big mother flanking robots.

So far I've only seen set pictures and footage but I've yet to come across concept arts for the new designs for the robots. Maybe Bay's keeping this one under tight wraps this time around. As you can see from the pictures below there's a red Ferrari 458 Italia which my guess is that should be Sunstreaker (logically that should have been Sideswipe since the color scheme matches but whatever). So Sideswipe's got a speed buddy now.

There's also a few nasty twisted metal looking NASCARs and I'm guessing they're Decepticons. So much for hiding in plain sight. They must be so bad ass that they don't really give a hoot if everybody knows they're evil robots from outer space.

On a lighter note, I'm quite happy that Bay actually included Prime's trailer this time around. And not just any trailer, G1 accurate to be exact! Sigh, just wish we could see Prime as a red flatnose cab together with the trailer. Oh well at least we fanboys are getting our share innit?

So watch out for the release in June 2011. I'm a bit excited about the movie. What about you?

G1 Optimus Prime. Well close anyway.

No more sliding into corners there Prime what with all that extra weight you're carrying.

Looks like the Decepticons fornicated with H.R Giger's Alien. Ewwwww!

Being topless. It ain't just sexy with women...

Ninja driver!

Sideswipe and Sunstreak.

Man this is one ugly looking car.

Patrick Dempsey. Does anybody really care if he's in the movie or not?

Another one of them uggo NASCAR

Bubblebee's sporting a spoiler now.

Plow the road Prime!

Ferrari 458 Italia. One sexy italian...

Ratchet's new color scheme

What else can I say to insult these cars?

Mmmmm. Daddy wants one...


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

the title sound a bit lame, but can't wait for the movie

Armand said...

After the second movie, I'm not so excited about this one :)