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Marvel Legends Ironman

Armand Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In anticipation to Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece Ironman, I thought I'd post some pictures of ToyBiz Marvel Legends 12 inch Ironman. This was the last series of Marvel Legends produced by ToyBiz for the Marvel Universe before evil capitalist Hasbro took over the franchise.

ToyBiz were doing a good job producing figures for Marvel Legends. Good paint job and great articulation. Heck, every figure even came with a comic book. I also love the clamshell packaging (I know, I know some people prefer Hasbro's stylish new packaging for Marvel Legends). So It was only fitting that they came out with a 12 inch line. Some figures didn't really translate well when blown up tho.


desmond said...

Hey bro, nice pictures taken. Cantik nya!!

Armand said...

Hahahahaha!!! Thanks Desmond!

Shaun said...

your iron man pix rock!

Armand said...

Thanks Shaun! Can't wait to get my hands on Hot Toys' Ironman.