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Armand Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr. Shaun has just started a new blog to link and bring together fellow Singaporeans collections online on one page. You can check out the site here. I think it's a great idea that Shaun is starting this community/movement, a hub for Singapore collectors. Hopefully someone will start a movement back here in Malaysia. So until then, mind if I join yours instead Shaun? Hahahahahahaha!


Shaun said...

Armand, no I rather you not be listed on this site, and the simple reason is geography.

In fact, I think you would be the right person to start a list of Malaysia toy collectors. I believe you would be able to identify such collectors from forums such as and xl-shop.

I have seen excellent collections and custom work from Malaysia, and believe a listing of these collectors would increase interest in the community. We can then syndicate our lists, and hopefully get Thai & Indonesian collectors to do something like this, if they haven't already.

Do give it a thought and a go. We can show collectors ard the world that we in SEA are serious about our hobby.

Thanks for the plug bro. :)

Armand said...

No problem my friend. I've actually just registered to From there I'll try and identify fellow collectors here and see if I can arrange meet-ups and what not.

Collaborating with fellow collectors from around SEA is indeed a worthy task. But heck, if we can pull it off, that would just be great! Hehehe!

Thanks again Shaun!