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Hot Damn Marvelous Toys

Armand Friday, March 19, 2010

With the recent announcement made by Hot Toys that they had acquired the license to produce Marvel Comics characters, I was ecstatic. I was happier than a fat man on free donuts day at the bakery. I had high hopes for this merry marriage of the 2 pop culture giants. What's not to get excited about? 2 of my major loves; 1:6 figures and comics. Comics and toys were my world growing up as a kid.

I grew up with Marvel comics, reading and buying them as a lil lad and still collecting them till this day. From Spider-man to the X-men, Avengers and Invaders, I even had Spider-Ham comics! (I'm not making this up, google it up if ya don't believe me hehe!). I was just drawn to the Marvel universe. At one point in time I did try to venture out to other publications (my "I-wanna-be-different" phase) during the big fall out at Marvel where Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefield, Jae Lee, Jim Lee and a few others decided to pack up and leave Marvel to start their own publication. I was a huge follower of McFarlane back then, so I started picking up Spawn. It had a decent storyline and McFarlane was a good artist/writer but when Greg Capullo took over penciling duties from McFarlane I was hooked. I think I was up to issue 78-79 when things started to get lame. I dropped the book completely and went cold turkey with comics. (Marvel wasn't doing too well at that point, facing bankruptcy and possible close down) The stories they were coming up with were utter nonsense. The Clone Saga? Really? That was crap. They manage to bastardize your friendly neighbourhood webhead and turn the entire thing into a circus. The people at Marvel still joke about the saga till this day. They even drop jokes in the comics sometimes.

Even so, I was always drawn back to Marvel. It was hard not to cos I grew up with the characters and to know and love them as a kid. I started picking up Marvel titles again a few years back and have been continuing collecting ever since. So now that Hot Toys has the license to produce Marvel characters, I'm psyched to see what figures they will produce. I have faith in Hot Toys to pull off a good job. Their first outing under the Marvel license would be Blade from Blade 2 the movie. Wise choice with the character. Tho a small time player in the Marvel Universe, the movie was off the chain. It proved Marvel that they can make good superhero movies which lead them to greenlight the Spider-man and X-Men movies. And let's face it, Blade is one cool cat. As for the figure, what else can I say other than it is one stunning mother father! (I'll review mine when I have time to actually snap the damn thing, hehe!).

Character choices are just as important as actually making them. Hopefully Hot Toys will do justice to the franchise. So to help point Hot Toys in the right direction, here are is wishlist of Marvel characters that I pray Hot Toys will produce. So without further ado I present to you;

The Pop Culture Junkie's Marvel Hot Toys Wishlist

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Captain America, the ultimate American hero. Steve Rogers took part in the Super Soldier program by the US in an effort to create the ultimate soldier. Steve Rogers emerged from the program with a body as perfect as a body can be and still be human.

Captain America is one figure Hot Toys should invest in. I mean come on, its Captain America. Greatest hero who isn't a superhero. He'd hold his ground against the Skrulls and give Ironman a beat down of his life.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 10/10

WW II Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Whats more cooler that Captain America in his costume? Captain America in his WWII duds that's what! Sporting his classic crest shield and US Army standard issue combat helmet, this figure could kick ass! I know there have been kit bashes before this but I want Hot Toys' magic hands to craft this one.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 9/10

Captain America (Bucky Barns )

Once Captain America's sidekick, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes now holds the mantle of the fallen Captain America. Presumed dead by Cap, Bucky became the Winter Soldier under the USSR due to his memory loss. He eventually was freed of the mind control.

Need I say more why Hot Toys should make this figure? Just check out the costume design by Alex Ross himself.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 8/10

Iron Spider (Peter Parker)

During the Secret Invasion crisis, the then S.H.I.E.L.D director Tony Stark ordered all super beings to register themselves to the government. Some followed and some retaliated. Peter Parker was one of the first super human to register and openly reveal his identity to the world. As a show of gesture, Tony hired Peter to be his personal bodyguard. Tony created a new suit for Peter to use, and a new name to go with it; Iron Spider!

I wanna see Hot Toys pull this one off. I reaahhly want them to make this one!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 10/10

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

One of the original X-Men, Cyclops learned a lot with Professor Xavier's guidance. Due to the trauma of losing his parents and separation from his brother, Cyclops can't really control his optic blast. Hence the visors.

I really love the new Cyclops. Ever since the events of The House of M, Cyclops has been one bad ass mofo. He's not the sissy Cyk of yesteryear, he's so bad ass now Wolverine actually listens to him without questioning! And Im digging the new costume

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 8/10

Prelate Summers (Scott Summers AoA)

During the Age of Apocalypse (AoA) storyline, ol Cyks here is one of the bad guys. Him and his brother Havoc run the show under their "father" Mister Sinister. Oh yeah and Beast does weird experiments on people. Neat.

This version of Cyclops is just to good to pass. He's one of the baddies, he lost one eye to Wolverine and the costume is cool.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 8/10

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Jim Lee designed this Cyclops costume. Nuff said!

PS: Medicom's version sucked balls!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 8.5/10

Angel (Warren Worthington III)

Also one of the original X-Men, Warren grew up in the school that Xavier build. Gifted with wings, Warren mutant powers also include healing factor. I don't think Hot Toys has ever done a winged figure yet so this could be their experiment. Heh!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 8.5/10

Archangel (Warren Worthington III)

Angel was kidnapped by Apocalypse. Wanting him to lead his 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse as Death, Apocalypse manipulated Angel's DNA. With blue skin and razor sharped wings, Angel now became Archangel.

Winged figure. METALIC winged figure. Too cool for Hot Toys to pass on.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 10/10

Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur)

Believed to be the first ever mutant, Apocalypse was a true believer of Social Darwinist philosophy of the survival of the fittest. By far one of the baddest, illest villains Marvel Universe has ever conjured up!

Come on, its Apocalypse here! A must!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter: 9/10

Apocalypse (AoA)

In a world where Charles Xavier never lived to form the X-Men, Apocalypse ruled the world with an iron fist where only the strong survived!

Cool alternative to the original.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:7/10

Planet Hulk

Banished from earth by the Illuminati, Hulk crash landed on the planet Sakaar only to be captured and made a gladiator for the Red King's entertainment. Hulk eventually freed himself after the Silver Surfer destroyed the obedience slug controlling the gladiators.

Hulk + Gladiator outfit + big ass shield and mace = Cool Ass!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:10/10

Colossus (Peter Rasputin)

Born and raised in Russia, Peter Rasputin's awesome mutant abilities to change his skin to organic metal makes him one bad ass mother trucker!

If Hot Toys can pull this one off with real metal I'm buying their stocks!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:9/10

Magneto (Eric Magnus Lehnsher)

One of the X-Men's first and greatest foes, Magneto believed that mutants should rule the planet. Xavier's long time buddy, Magneto have fought with and alongside the X-Men. Frienemies?

What's an X-Men to do without its greatest foe? BTW Medicom's version also sucked balls!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:9/10

Cable (Nathan Christopher Summers)

Having to give up his son to save him, Scott Summers handed over his son to the Askani in hopes to save Nathan from a techno organic virus sent to kill Nathan by Apocalypse. Now back from the future, Cable fights alongside the X-Men!

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:7/10

Gambit (Remy LeBeau)

Born Remy LeBeau, Remy was kidnapped at the hospital by the New Orleans Thieves Guild thinking that he is the chosen one. After a stint with Mr Sinister and the Marauders, Remy soon encountered Storm, where she sponsored his admission to the Xavier School for the Gifted.

Remy was always one of my favorite characters from Marvel. The movie didn't really do him justice. I hope Hot Toys will if they ever decide to produce him.

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:7/10


The son of Odin the All Father and Jord the spirit of Earth, the Asgardian god of thunder has fought alongside Captain America in numerous occasions.

His new costume kicks the old costume's ass! But either way if Hot Toys produce this i wouldn't mind splurging my hard earned money on this one

Hot Toys Must-produce-O-Meter:9/10

So if you guys have a wishlist too, feel free to make one. It'll be interesting to see who has what on their wishlist. Happy listings!


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Yes, the licenses will make us happy. hope for more great marvel heroes in the future. somehow my wallet's cryinghard. hohohoho

The Rebel said...

Goodness! I want 'em all Armand! But if you ask me......I'm head over heels over the prospect of gettin a plain ol' Hulk and of course Spidey from HT (Medi's version as you'd say...."s***ed balls!").

Archangel and The Thor looks pretty tempting too!

Make Mine Marvel!!!!

Armand said...

Hahahahaha! My wallet's crying too Ilham! Just imagine all the figures they would be producing in the future. Sure koyak wallet!

Armand said...

Glad you share my taste in the choices Zakri, haha! Yeah Hulk would be great, just imagine Hot Toys doing a DX style version where they would include a Bruce Banner figure/outfit/headsculpt together with a full sized Hulk.

I'm guessing they would be producing Marvel figures from the movies that has been released due to the main fact that the Blade figure does fall under the Movie Masterpiece series. So it looks like we can expect figures from Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-Men and Hulk.

Dude! Make one list too! Hahahaha!

Make Mine Marvel!