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Old School Flava : Kenner Batjet

Armand Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back in 1989, Toy Biz was initially producing the Batman figures but lost out the contract to Kenner. Kenner kicked started the franchise with The Dark Knight Collection. They were mainly producing Batman figures with many variations of the character, with different gadgets and new costumes. The series started off with 4 figures; Crime Attack Batman, Iron Winch Batman, Shadow Wing Batman and Tech Sheild Batman (2 of which I owned, Shadow Wing Batman and Tech Shield Batman).

The series also produced several vehicles. One of them being the famous Tim Burton Batmobile. I didn't buy the Batmobile seeing as how I already had the Toy Biz version (reviewed here), so I got my hands on the Batjet. The Batjet wasn't based on the movie, but in actual fact was a repaint from their SilverHawk series

Talk about being lazy. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repaint.

The Batjet came with retractable wings that can spring out and missile blasting action. According to the leaflet you retract the wings for "dive bombing" and with a press of a button BAM! the wings pop out and Batman flies off. As you can see I'm missing the front end of the Batjet, that's where the missile is suppose to be but yeah I kinda lost it.

I used to play the shiznit out of this toy. But now I keep it safe in its box and hopefully it'll survive another 20 years or so. Hopefully by then it'll hold some sort of value then I have to move it into a vault or something, heh!


Little Plastic Man said...

Wow...they actually repainted from a silver hawk toy! Thats quite "smart" in a way! LOL

Razmanshah said...

Nice giler batjet ko. nak gak!! hehe

desmond said...

You have Kenner toys. Great!!

Armand said...

@ Adrian : Yeah man, smart resourceful and saves them a tone of money!

@ Razman : :) thanks Razman! Had to take good care of this one. Nasib baik aku pandai jaga

@ Desmond : Yeah man! I got a few other Kenner toys as well. Classic!

Brian L said...

I like on the title of the booklet it says "operating instructions" like its some high-tech equipment! Wonder if Bruce Wayne ever gets one with each new vehicle he obtains after busting up his previous one LOL!

Armand said...

Alfred probably writes them. Or Lucius Fox for that matter :)

Thanks for dropping by Brian L