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Armand Friday, March 12, 2010
Marvel Legends broke the mold when It came to articulate 6' figures. Toy Biz first started off with their DC action figure line back in the late 80s. The most notable toy line from Toy Biz back then was Tim Burton's Batman movie line.

Then in 1990, Toy Biz went on to produce its first ever Marvel line called Marvel Super Heroes. Superheroes and supervillains such as Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Silver Surfer, The Hulk, Spiderman and Punisher were produced.

Soon after they released their most memorable toy line consisting of only characters from X-Men . The line was a success and they went on to produce more and more action figure under the Marvel banner. Toy Biz was well known for its articulation. Toy Biz was always pushing the envelope when it came down to articulate figures.

Now after all these years they have finally mastered the trade, with what would be Marvel's best toy line. Marvel Legends. The line started off with series 1 with the basic figure. As the series progressed, they started to introduce the Build-A-Figure (BAF) series starting with the Galactus series 9.

I bought my first Marvel Legends set way back in 2005, Mojo series 14 and I was immediately hooked. I started hunting down whatever series that I could get my hands on. To date I only have the Mojo series, Modok series, Onslaught series, and the Apocalypes series. I'll post more Legends soon.


ActionJon said...

Wasn't there a rumor a while back about Toy Biz giving headway to Hasbro instead or something like that. I was seeing Iron Man (classic armor) and Hasbro has its own line for him as well. Here's the iron man 2 figures checklist and the upcoming hasbro iron man 2 action figures.

Armand said...

Yup that is correct Jon. The House of M series as well as the Marvel Legends Icon series were the last of the Marvel lines from Toy Biz. Marvel would then award Hasbro to continue the Marvel Legends line. This is because Hasbro has one of the biggest distribution network in terms of toy distribution.

Toy Biz (owned by Marvel itself) then started the Legendary Comic Book Heroes series. Currently Toy Biz is also dabbling its hands in the 3 3/4 line kicking things off with the Maxx series.

The Rebel said...

Are u ever gonna open these MOC toys Armand? They deserve to breathe IMHO.... =p

I started out pretty late as well....only got into the line during the Colossus, Sabretooth, Mr Fantastic wave (can't remember which wave was that....wave 4 me thinks?) all of them are sitting pretty in my Detolf cabinet...heheh. They look uber-cool grouped me!

For the record, I think Marvel made one of their worst franchise decision ever by giving Hasbro the rights to continue Toy Biz's excellent work.....I stopped collecting MLs ever since (well,I was guilty of cherry picking a few of Hasbro's ML figures....but only because they weren't made by Toybiz)...

Armand said...

Thats a big hell no Zakri, hahahaha! They will never ever get to breathe fresh air :P!

Whoaa! You got the classics right there mate. Rare find. Just hope those are still MOC heh!

I'd have to agree with you there mate. Marvel made a bad move handing over the franchise to Hasbro. It was more a financial move more than anything else. Hasbro does have a huge distribution network so can't really blame Marvel for taking that move. Nak buat duit la katekan.

I stopped buying too ever since Hasbro took over. But I am guilty of buying a series tho only cos I managed to snag a weird variant of the Fantastic Four BAF Ronan the Accuser. Dr Doom has his mask off. Ill post them pics soon.

Oh btw if you got any extra MOTU figures and you're willing to part with them do let me know. Ta mate!