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Armand Thursday, March 11, 2010
Puma has been one of those silent but deadly shoe companies in comparison to the big boys Nike and Adidas where they would splurge out tons of cash to sign big names and ridiculously expensive advertising. I never actually owned a pair (they were a few that caught my attention), but never actually got around to buying one. But this beast caught my eye the moment I stepped foot into the store.

The Puma Basket Bright series was one that actually caught my attention. I swooped the pair as soon as I saw it. And the best part is that it was on sale 30% off baby yeah! Oh and did I mention that this was the last pair they had and it was my size. Talk about luck. I was meant to get it heh!

Ever since I bought this pair, I now frequent Puma stores just in case I might find another gem like this one right here :)!